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The Man Behind Instant Pot

The possibilities seem endless when you’re using an instant pot. There is a sense of security knowing that there is little room for messing up a meal. The inventor Robert Wang is now on his way to changing and revolutionizing other kitchen appliances. Keep Reading…
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Cheesy Alternative

Vegan cheese is the subject of controversy. An anonymous complaint said Blue Heron needs to stop advertising their non-dairy products as ‘cheese’. Blue Heron clapped back saying the word ‘cheese’ shouldn’t be subjected into one category. Learn More
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A list of Ottawa Farmer’s Markets

Who doesn’t love a great Farmer’s Market? Fresh fruit, veggies and baked goods can be found in abundance all over Ottawa. From our urban markets, to rural and even Gatineau, there’s one close by! Click here for the list of Farmer’s Markets.  
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