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New Tax on Ottawa Airbnb Rentals

Josh Pringle, CTV Morning Live. Published Wednesday, August 1, 2018 2:51AM EDT    Airbnb users are now paying a tax on their nightly rental in Ottawa.   Starting today, Airbnb will collect a four per cent “municipal accommodation tax” on all Ottawa listings. The tax will then be remitted to the City of Ottawa to help support Ottawa tourism.   Ottawa was the first Ontario city to enter into a Municipal Accommodation Tax collection agreement with Airbnb.   In January, the City of Ottawa imposed a four per cent Municipal Accommodation Tax on hotel rooms in Ottawa.  The money is
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Income properties: How suite they might sound

  Do you have extra space in your home you’re not using? Or do you need an additional source of income? If you’ve been thinking about turning part of your home into an income suite, there’s some factors you should consider! Click here to see the pros and cons of building an extra unit in your home!  
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How an in-law suite can add value to your house

Looking for a way to increase the value of your home or simply a way to give your parent or in-law their own space? Living in a multi-generational household can have its challenges, but adding an in-law suite to your home can create a better home dynamic, give privacy, and increase the worth of your house. Click here for more.  
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