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Rules and Bylaws for Retirement Condominiums

Are you considering downsizing to a condo? Moving has its own challenges. If you’re looking for information about the rules and bylaws that come with living in a condominium then this article is a great start.  Learn More Here
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Why Move? A Look into Canada’s Homebuyers

How many times have you moved (so far) in your lifetime? Once? Twice? For a brief time while in school? Work? Or have you moved far too many times to even count? What about those times that you have moved from one place to another, were they on your own? Were they with your family? Your partner? A few friends? And did you live in these homes for long enough to consider it a home? Sure, the vast majority of us may answer differently to each of these questions, but we do share one common factor: the overall experience. Truth
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