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Good Home with Great Bones

House hunting can be a stressful and exciting time. You want to find something that makes you feel good about the structure and interior of the property. Here are 4 signs that the home you want to buy has ‘great bones’. Learn More
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A Critical Key Step for Sellers: Give Your Potential Buyers a Home They Would Want

If you’re selling your home there are several steps that should be taken care of before holding an open house. What is important is giving your potential buyers a home that they would want to live in, and can see themselves in. With that in mind, there are a few important factors to keep in mind, such as: making repairs, deep-cleaning your home, and making your home more efficient (i.e. heating & cooling). Click here to discover the necessary steps you should take when selling your home.  
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Home-Grown Issues: The impacts of home-grown marijuana and legalization

Home-Grown Issues: The impacts of home-grown marijuana and legalization Many Canadians are awaiting this July 2018 with much anticipation, as Bill C-45 will allow the legalization of marijuana, including their ability to grow up to 4 plants within their residence. However, without the proper protections and awareness in place this new legislation could cost home owners thousands, or even their mortgage. The increase of private residence grow-ops that will begin following legalization is a major concern for the real estate industry. Experts say that everyone from “buyers, to sellers, to real estate agents, and home inspectors” will be affected by
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